Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Future of History

The past keeps changing.
The first page of The New York Times Business Day section today has a photo of Arianna Huffington and underneath it the headline "After Deal, Whence Huffington Post?"

The headline writer must have meant "Whither".

The online version of the story changed the headline to "Huffington Post in Limbo at Verizon", which is better.

However, if Limbo is the place where you wait forever, then Verizon from my experience is less like Limbo than, say, T-Mobile or Sprint.

In the Soviet Union there was a joke: "The future is certain. It is the past that keeps changing." Even in the United States we see a lot of rewriting of history. The great thing about print media is that it is a permanent record.

In the digital era, is there a future for history? Some people wonder.

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