Monday, June 18, 2018

FATHER'S DAY 2018 | Chez Caroline

Daughter, Father and Watchdogs! L to R: (Rondo the Hero
Dog),Caroline, John (Dad) and Hachikō (not so much a hero,
but loving and cute). Photo by Alice Tepper Marlin.
Alice and I visited Caroline in Brooklyn yesterday evening for Father's Day with our faithful dog Hachikō.

The family went to The Finch in Brooklyn for a delicious dinner.

The Finch buys sustainably produced vegetables and meat from Local Bushel, where Caroline works.

Meanwhile, the two dogs kept each other company!

Friday, June 8, 2018

THEATER | "Fellow Travelers" Goes for the Jugular

Marilyn Monroe tries t bring Elia Kazan (L) and Arthur
Miller (R) back together. 
"Fellow Travelers" takes us back to the McCarthy era and the Hollywood black list.

Elia Kazan is shown turning in his former Communist Party associates so that the House Un-American Activities Committee will let him get on with his business.

Arthur Miller was less threatened by HUAC, and did not name any names. The two of them are disappointed in each other, and their friendship ended, although they continued to work together.

Marilyn Monroe is in the play as subplot and eye candy. Each man accuses the other of not caring enough when she died.

There are five other male parts (Hollywood mogul types) played well by two other actors.

The play opened at the Bay Street Theater and had a full house tonight. The review in 27East is on the mark. Good performances and direction. Deserves to open in New York City.