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OBIT | Donald M. Fisk (1932-2009)

Don Fisk at home in 1995. Photo by JT Marlin.
Five years ago I attended the memorial service in Washington for Don Fisk.
In the 1960s and early 1970s, Don and his wife Nan Boissevain were close friends of my parents Spike Marlin and Hilda van Stockum. Nan and Hilda were both engaged local artists in Washington. Brigid Marlin also visited them.  

When my mother died in 2006, Nan and Don posted a nice note on her Guest Book:
Nan and Don Fisk, Boulder, Colo. - "Your parents came after Eric was born and were really interested in that baby. That visit was the bright spot in those first weeks... One time when we were at their house for dinner, Hilda had finished a self-portrait. It was a good one and I could see her look at it repeatedly. I know the feeling exactly."
Don directed the productivity program at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which was well represented at the memorial service five years ago by current employees. At the service, those attending were in a circle presided over by Nan's first son Harry (named after her father Harry Boissevain). 

Relatives, neighbors and friends spoke in turn of Don's commitment to hard work and quality and to his generous nature. The obituary in the Washington Post is below, as published April 4, 2010 announcing the service.
Nan Boissevain Fisk at home in 1995.
Photo by JT Marlin.
FISK - DONALD McKEE FISK On October 21, 2009 of Boulder, CO. Born in Hollywood, CA on October 26, 1932. He lived in the Washington, DC area for many years. Donald's education included Columbia University - PhD candidate; Columbia University, Graduate School of Business; University of Southern California, MS Economics and Fresno State University/Willamette College, BS Economics. 

He was an internationally recognized and published expert on government program evaluation. Established internationally recognized government productivity measures. Leading research performed at Urban Institute and US Bureau of Labor Statistics. He undertook consulting engagements with the governments of Australia, Mexico and Canada regarding standardization of government productivity measures. 

He was Director of Program Evaluation for San Diego County and worked in Paris, France at NATO while with the Rand Corp. 

He is survived by his wife Anna C Fisk; sons Eric McKee Fisk and Harry Jan Scholten; daughters-in-law Heather Valentine and Michelle Burns; and grandchildren Ariel Scholten, Max Scholten, Elliott Fisk, Mya Valentine, Devry Niemetz and Kelsie Niemetz. Also survived by sibling Karolus Acheson Fisk and wife Martha Fisk. Memorial Service will be held April 18, 2010 from 3 to 5 p.m. at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 4001 I Street SW, Washington, DC 20024.

Nan's brother Matthijs (Thijs) Boissevain developed a system for identifying the Boissevain relatives in a way that did not require gender specification. Here is his entry, slightly edited to conform to English practice, for his father Harry Boissevain and Harry's three children which include Nan Fisk and Thijs: Harry Boissevain was born on 15-09-1903 in Amsterdam, son of Walrave Boissevain and Maria Catharina Johanna Blijdenstein. Harry died on 17-03-1976 in San Diego (California), at 72. Harry: 
(1) married, at the age of 24 years, on 25-01-1928 in Enschede Anna Catharina van Heek, aged 25 years. Anna was born on 26-12-1902 in Enschede, daughter of Nicolaas Gijsbertus van Heek and Anna Catharina ter Kuile. Anna died on 21-10-1965 on Altadena (California), at 62.
(2) married, at the age of 62, on 27-08-1966 Blanche Gabriel Wells. Blanche has died.
Children of Harry and Anna : 
1 Anna Catharina (Nan) Boissevain, born on 06-04-1929 in Yancey Mills (Virginia) Follow (Married Don Fisk.)
2 Matthijs Gideon Jan (Thijs) Boissevain, born on 25-04-1931 in Yancey Mills Follow  
3 Harry Jan Walrave Boissevain, born on 19-10-1932 in Yancey Mills Follow
Jan Boissevain, 1836-
Nan's father Harry Boissevain was a "Jantje" - i.e., a descendant of Jan Boissevain the banker, older brother of Charles Boissevain the newspaper editor. Harry's father was Walrave Boissevain, son of Jan the banker (1836-1904), so Harry was a Jantje grandson. Walrave Boissevain was born on 04-07-1876 in Amsterdam, son of Jan Boissevain (1836-1904) and Petronella Gerharda Johanna Brugmans. Walrave died on 19-04-1944 in Amsterdam, at 67. Walrave:(1) married, at 23, on 09-11-1899 in Hilversum Maria Catharina Johanna Blijdenstein, also 23. Maria was born on 22-10-1876 in Amsterdam, daughter of Benjamin Willem Blijdenstein and Berendina Theodora Wilhelmina Evers. Maria died on 17-10-1910 in Amsterdam, at 33. (2) married, at 37, on 06-12-1913 in Bloemendaal Romelia Abramina Kalff, aged 26 years. Romelia was born on 27-06-1887 in Amsterdam, daughter of Joannes Henricus Albertus Anthonius Kalff and Ellegonda Duranda van der Loeff. Romelia died on 07-08-1968 in Amsterdam, at 81.
Children of Walrave and Maria : 
2 Jan Gédéon Jérémie Boissevain, born on 15-12-1901 in Amsterdam Follow
3 Harry Boissevain, born on 15-09-1903 in Amsterdam Follow

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