Monday, September 29, 2014

TIME BOMBER | Robert Wack Speaks in Westminster, Md.

Dr. Robert Wack, Washington, DC pediatrician,
author of Time Bomber (Boissevain Books, 2014)
The Westminster Fallfest weekend, sponsored by the Carroll County (Maryland) Public Library, was a big success, at least based on the modest expectations of Boissevain Books author Robert P. Wack.

We previously reported that Wack spoke at the Westminster library.  He said the speaking event was attended by about 15 people and generated some excellent discussion. The Carroll County Public Library  is continuing to promote the book and they bought several copies.

At the two-day Westminster Fallfest weekend, Wack reports selling 34 copies.

Wack's Banner of the
Book's Cover.
He says that about half were sold to strangers, who were persuaded by the banner (see right), the author's pitch, and their perusal of the cover.

He also talked to several people who said they were going to download the Kindle version from Amazon.

Going forward, Wack has two more events scheduled this fall - appearances before book clubs in October and November. 

Nowadays, books are sold, not bought... and they are sold one copy at a time.

Meanwhile, Richard Peacocke of Ottawa, Canada had some nice words to say about Time Bomber. He posted a 5-star rating on the Amazon listing of the book and had the following to say about the book, which he writes that he tried to post but may not have succeeded:
[Time Bomber is a] [g]ripping narrative of warfare and moral choice, underpinned by a far-reaching mathematical theory about space and time. 
Highlights for me are the authentic scenes in the RAF squadron and gripping episodes in the fields of Normandy. The book weaves together the history of several places and time periods, with inspiration drawn from the real-life Dr. Willem van Stockum. 
There is a great deal of action, but while there is bravery and cowardice, there is little or no glory. The character studies and human experience in wartime ring true. 
All the way through the reader has an uneasy feeling that something unknown and mysterious is occurring. This is based on a soaring mathematical theory, the intricacy of which is touched on, but not laboured over. The theory is based on Dr. van Stockum’s work and allows the protagonist to bridge fiction and reality. 
I couldn’t put the book down.