Monday, September 8, 2014

WED | Caroline Tepper-Marlin and Francis Peabody (Comment)

(L to R) Judge Crotty, Alice Tepper Marlin, Francis D. Peabody,
Caroline Tepper-Marlin and John Tepper Marlin.
New York City, September 8, 2014 - Exclusive to the Time Travel blog - Caroline Tepper-Marlin was married to Francis Damien Peabody today on the evening of the Harvest Moon.

Federal Judge Paul Crotty officiated in his Chambers at 500 Pearl Street. Caroline's parents, John and Alice Tepper Marlin, served as witnesses.

After they exchanged vows in the Judge's Office, the bride and groom joined Caroline's parents for dinner at Bouley nearby on 163 Duane Street.

Mr. Peabody and Ms. Tepper-Marlin will leave for a honeymoon that will focus on European restaurants and vineyards, spending a month in England, France and Italy. They will then return to their home in Brooklyn and their Australian shepherd Rondo.

"We decided to get married," quipped Tepper-Marlin, "so that Rondo would no longer be a bastard."

Francis and Caroline at Bouley.
The  Bride and Groom

Mr. Peabody has recently served as executive chef and other roles in several Brooklyn and Manhattan restaurants. He grew up in Los Angeles, Calif. and Louisville, Kentucky. He is a fan of the Boston Celtics, which was the source of the name for Rondo.

Ms. Tepper-Marlin, a graduate of Trinity School in New York and of the University of Rochester, majoring in political science, is a wine professional/sommelier, consulting in hospitality management and wine selection for restaurants in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

She previously worked as a senior design development manager for Ralph Lauren, and had similar titles at Coach and Calvin Klein.

When asked by her parents why she wanted to go into the wine business, she asked them: "What business do you think Ralph Lauren is in?"

"The clothing business?",  said one of them.

"No," Caroline replied. "He is selling lifestyle. That is what high-end restaurants sell. They have the same challenges as the fashion industry, to create a mood, and provide a pleasure-giving product for a target market."

The bride and groom next Bouley,
under the Harvest Moon.
Wedded Under A Harvest Moon

The evening ended under the Harvest Moon, which is at its brightest in North America tonight. The Harvest Moon, the full moon closest to the autumn equinox (September 22), was especially important for farmers - they knew that around the date of that moon they would have enough moonlight to harvest crops after sundown.

During the evenings before and after the Harvest Moon, the moon rises earlier than usual. The Harvest Moon seems bigger and brighter because it is close to the horizon at sunset.

This year, the Harvest Moon really is bigger than usual because it's a "supermoon" - the moon turns full less than one day after reaching the moon’s closest point to Earth for the month.

Some think the supermoon is super-hype. But in the words (by Yip Harburg and Billy Rose) of Harold Arlen's song, "It wouldn't be make believe, If you believed in me."

All in all, a memorable backdrop for the marriage of Caroline and Francis. They are leaving now for London - appropriately sampling this year's harvest at vineyards and restaurants in Europe.


I was walking Caroline's dog Rondo, our grand puppy, and our neighbor Ira Hawkins asked about him. I explained he was on loan from my honeymooning daughter, the sommelier married to a chef. He said: "Good pairing."