Thursday, May 29, 2014

BEA14 | Rick Robinson–Indie Star

An Indie Winner - Six-Figure
Movie Option. Rick Robinson.
Rick Robinson has shown the way for an "indie" author–i.e., an author who is self-published or is published by a small independent publisher–to succeed.

He has been winning prizes and actively inserting himself in book fairs. His payoff, apart from book royalties, is a six-figure movie option.

I stopped by Rick's book signing today at the BookExpo America. He starts by writing suspenseful stories, four of them so far. His first was Alligator Alley.

His political thriller Writ of Mandamus was named the grand prize winner of the London Book Festival. He was named 2013 Indie Author of the Year. Published by Headline Books Inc., the novel takes the reader from Washington, DC–where Robinson used to work for a Congressman–to the Irish countryside. The fictional  Congressman Richard Thompson works with the CIA as they chase shadowy Middle Eastern moguls and Kentucky horses.

He is decked out in baseball gear because he has a new book out, Advance Man, about baseball.