Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nevius Time Travel - On Foot, in NYC

Michelle and James Nevius. Photo by JT Marlin.
Unlike Midnight in Paris, where the time travel plan is a bit mysterious, the time travel of the Neviuses is straightforward.

They do their research and take you on a walking tour of neighborhoods that they know well, covering one of the periods of the last four centuries of New York City's history.

They have a book out on it, Footprints in New York, which is why I met them at the BookExpo America. They also have "private  walking tours" they have been guiding as they have been doing their research.

Their idea is not new. Joyce Gold has been conducting walking tours for it must be 30 years, and she has produced guides along the way.

But having a couple take on the task is smart. Their enthusiasm for the city and its history has to be a big plus in attracting a following. I look forward to the possibility of getting on one of their tours.