Sunday, April 14, 2013

ART BIZ | Brigid Marlin in NYC

Brigid Marlin in NYC.
On a short visit to arrange for shipping of art for future exhibitions and discuss forthcoming books, Brigid Marlin brought us up to date on her art commissions and her society of artists. 

Painting in the school of Fantastic Realism, founded by Prof. Ernst Fuchs of Vienna, she founded and chairs a Society (the Society for Art of Imagination) of about 500 artists worldwide who paint in this style. Google the artist's name and you will get about 28,000 hits. 

Her art is, with the passing years, necessarily coming on the market from time to time as collectors retire or go to their eternal reward.  Three of her active collectors and patrons have recently passed away, as noted below. 

Museums and Other Institutional Collections

Brigid's art is in the following museums or other institutional collections:
The late J.G. Ballard, Portrait by Brigid
Marlin, National Portrait Gallery,1987
  • National Portrait Gallery, London – “Portrait of J. G. Ballard”.
  • House of Lords Collection, London – “Portrait of Lord Longford”
  • National Museum of Artists and Illustrators, Newport, RI -  "Earth, Air, Fire and Water", mische technique, tempera on gesso board.
  • Phantasten Museum in Palais Palffy, Vienna, Austria – “Wolves in St. Mark’s, Venice” 
  • Center Cultura Barcelona, Spain -
  • Loyola Museum, Chicago – “Portrait of Cardinal George”.
  • Baldwin School, Bryn Mawr, Pa. – “Portrait of Pamela Travers” (author of “Mary Poppins”)
  • Crain’s Magazine, New York Office – “Portrait of Gertrude Crain”
  • Women’s University, Dharamsala, HP, India – “Portrait of the Dalai Lama”
  • High Elms Manor, Abbots Langley, Herts.
Estate and Individual Collections

Her art is in the estates of the following deceased collectors, three of whom died recently:
  • Sir William Butlin – “Portrait of the Queen Mother”
  • J. G. Ballard, UK
  • Ann Oestreicher, New York.
  • President Richard Nixon, New York - painting of young woman in Venice.
  • Contessa Nicole de Zogheb, Bovingdon, UK
  • Virginia H. Rogers, Chicago.
  • Lady Arran, King’s Langley, Herts.
  • Joe Haber, La Jolla, Calif.
Her art is in the collections of the following living people, among others:
"Flight of the Churches", Collection of Prof. Elisabeth
Paice, OBE
  • Lowell and April Blankfort, San Diego, Calif.
  • Countess Tolstoy, Newbury, Berks., UK
  • Mary Craig, Newbury, Berks., UK
  • Noel York, Northampton, UK
  • Dr. Chris Oakley, Dunstable, UK
  • Rear Admiral Tom Paulsen (ret.) and Mrs. Paulsen
  • Prof. Elisabeth W. Paice, OBE
  • Jon Nadler, New York City
  • Dr. and Mrs. Randal Marlin, Ottawa, Canada
  • Dr. and Mrs. John Tepper Marlin, New York, NY
Illustration of one of the steps
in a Mische Technique painting.

Books about Art

"The Mische Technique", self-published - this hard-to-find book is summarized here.

"Venice" - art book, self-published, includes descriptions of Venice by various authors contributed by Christine Marlin. Also.includes the step-by-step mische technique description.

"History of Art" - stories and artwork. In production.

Other Books She Illustrated or Wrote, or Both
King Oberon's Forest,
A Meaning for Danny

"A Meaning for Danny: My Son with Asperger's," 2010. Life of a boy afflicted with Asperger's. Boissevain Books, available on Amazon, about $12.

"King Oberon's Forest," ill. by Brigid Marlin, written by Hilda van Stockum, originally published by Viking Press, republished by Boissevain
Books, available on Amazon, about $10.

"From East to West", Signet Book. Out of print.

"Clara and the Computer Mouse". Self-published.

"Birthday for Tippoo". Self-published.