Sunday, April 14, 2013

Brigid Marlin Art in Chelsea

The following paintings by Brigid are in our collection at  home in Chelsea, NYC. She has added some comments about a few of the paintings on her recent visit to NYC:

1. "Rebirth”, mische technique, 1970. Comment on the painting by the artist, April 2013:

Every year it seems as if spring will never come, and then suddenly, the earth comes alive – a yearly miracle. The model, Ann Nixon, a veterinarian, seemed to me to embody the idea of spring. She was so vital and glowing.  It was a tragedy she died so young.
2. "Before the Fall”, mische technique, 1972. A comment on the painting by the artist, April 2013:
This is a double portrait of John and Alice the year after their marriage. They are painted as Adam and Eve in Paradise, before the eating of the apple.
3. "Painting of a Young Boy", mische technique, 1969. Comment on the painting by the artist, April 2013:
This is a portrait of my son Desmond at about 7 years old. The plants in the back picture are the same as those in the front, but in an earlier period. The child has suddenly appeared between them, a symbol of the Moment in Time when a child arrives, and then you can’t imagine a time when the child wasn’t here. Desmond was a very reluctant sitter. He had to be bribed with candy and money… and finally he refused to sit at all, until one morning he broke a window playing football too near the house. I ran down the road after him in a rage, but as he fled he shouted over his shoulder: “I’ll pose! I’ll pose!”  So I was able to finish the painting.
 Jay as Newborn
4. "Jay as Newborn”, mische technique, 1974. Jay had just arrived, the day Nixon resigned.

       5. "Daphne and Apollo”, mische technique (egg tempera on gesso board), 1977

            “Caroline”, watercolor, 1979
         “Jay 2”, watercolor, 1981

·         “Springs House”, watercolor, 1982
        "Nasturtiums", mische technique, 1983