Friday, October 26, 2018

CHELSEA | Scary Stuff Coming Up

CHELSEA, NYC, October 26, 2018–Halloween decorations are already out in force, with less than a week until the end of the month.

Look at that house on West 22nd Street, with more huge spiders crawling around than you will find anywhere else in New York City other than Trump Tower. 

This year New Yorkers have a lot to be scared about, with midterm elections coming up in ten days.

If the Dems don't win at least the House majority, the man in the White House will continue to tweet and rally on, unchecked.

This year it pays to scare your fellow citizens into voting on November 6.

Meanwhile, the house at 314 West 22nd Street continues to set the pace in Halloween decoration.

My photo of it a few years ago in Chelsea Now appeared along with my award on behalf of the local block association as showing the Best Neighborhood Cooperation, because the display takes several families working together to give its effects.

Other winners that year, who will doubtless show their prowess again in 2018, were 439 and 457 West 22nd Street and 417 West 21st Street.

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