Thursday, February 15, 2018

HAPPY YEAR OF THE DOG | Good Luck Year, But Not for Trump

Happy Chinese New Year!
It will be the Year of the Dog in the zodiac calendar. It is the Year of the Earth Dog. (The twelve years of the zodiac cycle within a larger 48-year cycle governed by the four ancient elements, fire, water, earth, air, similar to the length of the Kondratiev cycle.)
This can be a lucky year, because the dog is loyal. But it is an unlucky year for those born in a prior Year of the Dog.
Donald Trump was born in such a prior year, 1946 (he, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were born within three months of each other).

Those who take the feng shui of the zodiac calendar seriously are predicting that Trump will have bad luck in this year, from February 16, 2018 through the beginning of the next year in February 2019, which will start the year of the pig.

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