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BALDWIN | Feb 27—Dr Porges Comes to Vero Beach, Fla.

Feb. 27, 2017—Baldwin's new Head of School, Dr Marisa [pronounced Ma-RISS-uh] L. Porges, was guest of honor in our home.

A group of eight alumnae and five spouses convened in Vero Beach, Fla.

1. Baldwin Alumnae at Vero Beach. Front row: Ann Pierce Roberts, Dr Porges.
Row 2: Barbara Dunlop Hauptfuhrer, Mary Scott McElroy, Helen Milne Justi.
Row 3: Alice Tepper Marlin, Diana Hole Stickler, Cathy Yates Woofter
(Photo by your blogger JT Marlin.) 
Photo 1 from the event shows the eight alums, including Dr Porges, on the steps. Photo 2 adds the five spouses who attended.
2. Baldwin Alums (8) and Spouses (5). L to R, Front Row: Jay McElroy, Dr Porges,
John Tepper Marlin, Dick Roberts. Row 2: Ann Pierce Roberts, Helen Milne Justi, Richard Strickler, Pete Justi. Row 3: Mary Scott McElroy, Cathy Yates Woofter.
Top Row: Barbara Dunlop Hauptfuhrer, Alice Tepper Marlin, Diana Hole Strickler.
Dr Porges is the first Baldwin alum to become Head of School. She is the eighth head of school, which will be 130 years old next year.  She graduated from Baldwin in 1996 and went on to Harvard College, where she enrolled in ROTC and graduated in 2000. For graduate studies she attended the London School of Economics (M.A.) and King's College, London (Ph.D.).

Her bio below includes a sentence on her being a Naval Flight Officer. To make sure the implications are clear, she sat next the pilot as navigator on a missile-equipped anti-cyber-attack Navy airplane. Who knew that Baldwin alums did things like that?*
Baldwin Bird, our new parakeet, got named
 the evening of the alumnae event.
The evening of the alumnae event we came up with a name for our blue parakeet—Baldwin.

*Personal note: We owe a lot to our flying officers. My uncle Willem van Stockum piloted an RAF Halifax on six missions the week of D-Day, 1944. He was shot down June 10, and is buried in Laval, France where Alice and I went in 2014 to an unveiling of two monuments to the 14 airmen who perished. A book was written about him.

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