Monday, June 6, 2016

WELLESLEY | 50th Reunion, Class of 1966

Saturday dinner in the basement of Alumnae Hall. Table at left, clockwise from empty seat: Curry
Rinzler, Alice Tepper Marlin '66, John Tepper Marlin, Warren Boeschenstein, Davy Cool Hammatt '66,
Elin Gammon Vaughter '66, Judy Peterson Fisher '66 and Karen Ahern Boeschenstein '66.
Photo by Cinnamon Liggett Rinzler '66.

Moderator (L) and Four Wellesley Presidents at
Alumnae Hall: Kim Bottomly, Diana Walsh '66,
Nan Keohane, Paula Johnson. Photo JT Marlin.
I had a lovely time at the Wellesley '66 reunion, from Friday afternoon through Sunday lunch.

The highlights of the weekend were the traditional panel discussion meeting of the three previous presidents of Wellesley–Nan Keohane (who went on to become President of Duke), Diana Chapman Walsh '66 (president 1993-2007), and Kim Bottomly–and a skit put on by the class.
Spouses' Selfie: John and Warren.

Kim Bottomly recently retired as Wellesley's 13th president. She was the first inaugurated in the 21st Century, as well as being the first scientist. The new incoming president of Wellesley is Paula Johnson, the first African American to occupy the post.
Warren, Davy, Elin at Saturday dinner. Photo by JT Marlin.

More spouses should have been at the Reunion. They would have enjoyed it. 

Stories and observations from our 25th Reunion about the decrepitude of alums at their 50th now seem unfair.

Connie Harris Slawecki '66 and Judy
Peterson Fisher '66.
Possibly what was true 25 years ago has changed, as science has lengthened the years in which we are able to keep working and living productively.

Because I have attended so many of Alice's reunions, I have gotten to know many members of her class, and it really was a pleasure seeing them again.
Sunday lunch, Lulu Campus Center. L to R: Warren; Curry
and Cinnamon Rinzler '66; Alice Tepper Marlin '66 and
John. Photo kindly taken by LC Wang '66.

Here is a related and revealing story in the most recent issue of The New Yorker, about a time that seems long, long ago, when African Americans were so underrepresented in the Ivy colleges: The black women in Hillary Clinton's Wellesley Class of 1969.

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