Tuesday, April 5, 2016

DIALOG | Is Talk Killed by Social Media?

Two Men Converse at Table – But Not with Each Other
Socrates argued that the spread of writing among Greeks wasn't such a good thing because it got in the way of conversation.

Now Sherry Turkle is saying something similar – that social media and the constant connectedness of people who use social-media devices – is killing conversation.

I know what she means. Two people sitting across from each other at a restaurant, both intently interacting with their iPhones.

It was said of cell phones at least as early as 2007.

But an iPhone is even more distracting because you can't even look at the person you are with while you are interacting with it.

Many clubs are resisting the use of cell phones but some are allowing texting so long as it is quiet. Is the quiet texting death of conversation is better than the noisy cell-phone death?

What do you think?

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