Monday, August 10, 2015

NYC Comptroller's Ofc 1994-2001 - Regina Calcaterra

NOW - Regina Calcaterra, Author of Etched in Sand. 
Photo taken August 9, 2015 by JT Marlin.
THEN: Regina Calcaterra was one of the lawyers in the front office of the NYC Comptroller's Office during the eight years that Alan Hevesi was Comptroller, 1994-2001. (I served as Chief Economist during that administration and the ones before and after.)

NOW: After running for the State Senate from eastern Long Island, she was appointed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo as Executive Director of a Moreland Commission to look at corruption in Albany.

Most recently, she has written her life story, Etched in SandHere is a video trailer about the book.

I met her on Saturday evening, August 9, at the Authors Night in East Hampton.

The subject of her book reminds me of the new book by my sister Brigid Marlin, The Box House, also about a girl who takes charge of her siblings.

Another "Then and Now" post on what happened to people who worked at the NYC Comptroller's Office in the 1990s is here.

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