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WOODIN | LINKS–Bio, FDR's #1 Treas Sec (Updated Mar 26, 2017)

Top to bottom: Will & Nan
Woodin; Libby & Bill Rowe.
Courtesy Woody Rowe,
grandson of Will Woodin.
Capsule Outline of Bio of Will Woodin and Links to Draft Chapters: Introduction WOODIN'S EARLY LIFE 1 2 3 4 5. MAGNATE, COLLECTOR, COMPOSER 6 7 8 8A 9 10 10A TREASURY SECRETARY 11 12 13 14 15 APPENDICES A B Acknowledgments.

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Working title: FDR's Financier, Will Woodin.

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This material was presented at the May 2015 annual meeting of the Berwick Historical Society. It was reported in the Berwick Press-Enterprise.

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Introduction. Moved.

1. The Woodin Family Moved to private blog in anticipation of publication.
2. Berwick. Moved.
3. Jackson & Woodin. Moved.
4. Clement and Mary Woodin and The Heights. Moved.
5. Will Woodin's Education, Marriage, Politics

6. Merger Mania Puts Woodin Atop Giant ACF, 1899-1915
7. Woodins Take On East Hampton, 1911-1928 (Updated July 7, 2016). Moved to a private blog site because of blatant copyright violation by a commercial blog site.
7A. The Woodin Gold Cup at Maidstone
8. Woodin in NYC - Business and Politics 1902-1928
8A. Woodin and Norman Davis
9A. Woodin as Musician, Composer
9B. Woodin as Collector of Books and Coins
10. The NY Elections of 1928 and 30, and the Crash of 1929
10A. Woodin Meets Tagore in 1930

11. FDR's Election, Cabinet and Transition
12. Woodin Calms the Storm - March-May 1933 (Updated July 7, 2016)
13. Will Woodin's Tragic Last Year
14. Woodin's Physical Legacies
15. His Intangible Legacies - 2008 vs. 1929

Appendices A. Kondratiev Waves  B. Woodin's Descendants Acknowledgments

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