Monday, October 14, 2013

Life among the Gypsies - Before WWII

"Kids in Wagon" - one of 34 photos
in exhibit of Gypsy Life.
The Center is presenting through the end of 2013 a collection of black and white photographs by Jan Yoors (1922-1977), a middle-class Belgian who lived for years with a band of Romanies and documented scenes from their daily lives. 
Yoors's 34 photographs constitute one of the few first-hand representations of Romani culture, which was one of the first targets of Adolph Hitler's regime.
The Anne Frank Center will exhibit the photographs 10 am to 5 pm through Jan. 3, 2014. Access to the exhibition is included with general admission to the Center. The Center is closed on Sundays, Monday, and holidays.
Hilda van Stockum wrote a fictionalized story about Romani life in Ireland around the same time, under the title Penengro