Wednesday, May 15, 2013

RONDO | Hero Dog Catches Alligator in NYC

Hero Dog with Catch. So where is the false alligator?
I was walking my Grandpup Rondo (my daughter's dog) this afternoon and was admiring the excellent new CitiBike installation on Ninth Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Streets.

When I turned round, and... Rondo had a baby alligator in his mouth!

Hero Rondo gets appreciation from Grandma.
Where the contractors were working on the bike installation, a manhole cover had been left open and the baby alligator must have crawled out.

The baby alligator was beyond rescue by the time I inspected it, so I brought both Rondo and the alligator upstairs to show Alice, my wife in the photo, what our Hero Grandpuppy had caught.

One less alligator to terrify our dedicated and brave
NYC sewer workers.
I am attaching a couple more photos for those Alligator-in-Sewer sceptics.

Who do you want to believe?
  • Your own eyes? ...
  • Or the "Urban Legend" deniers?
If you want to read about the long history of alligators in the NYC sewers and alligators mailed to NYC from Florida, here are two reports from Snopes.
  • The first is  about alligator sitings in New York, in and out of sewers. Snopes 1
  • The second is a report, with stories dating back to the 1930s, about baby alligators being mailed to NYC from Florida. Snopes 2.
May false alligators be put to rest by heroes like Rondo, and may true alligators thrive all around. 

P.S. Rondo is a hero again! For another True Hero story, go here