Friday, January 18, 2013

TIME BOMBER | Robert Wack Writes about Willem van Stockum

Flying Captain Willem van Stockum (front, center) and crew,
at RAF bomber air base in Melbourne, Yorkshire..
My new friend Dr. Robert Wack is near completion of his new novel, Time Bomber, which I would describe as a science fiction-military history novel.

He called me in 2010 when I was working in Washington, DC, for the Joint Economic Committee. He has an interest in science fiction, especially the concept of time travel. He found out that my Uncle Willem van Stockum was a pioneer in applying science to the concept. Willem was the first to spell out - in a way that caught the imagination of other physicists - the implications of Einstein's special relativity equations for time travel. He pointed out that the equations lead to time-like curves.

William van Stockum. He was detailed to the RAF
from the RCAF. But he was a Dutch citizen. He is
also claimed by the USA and identified as Irish
(family) and Scottish (Ph.D. from Edinburgh).
Willem has first place post-Einstein in a recent book on Time Travel. His bio is on Wikipedia and under his name at

May 17, 2014: Exciting news. The book can now be ordered via Amazon. My wife Alice has read it  and she shares my love of the book. The biographical aspect of the book is authentic and the science-fiction aspect raises interesting questions that support what Willem said in his widely quoted letter to his mother, "A Soldier's Creed."

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